Is300 ls swap

I would love to put a 1uz-fe in it I know someone has already put an LS1 which is great but I'd like to stay true to lexus. Would like to keep it auto as the misses drives it to any other suggestions out there with a medium budget to get more power besides selling it and just getting an is Looks like it's been but none but mainly in the States.

Try looking around the 1st gen IS section there. I am referring to engine mount? To be honest unless you want stock power and an eight cylinder its easier to consider a JZ swap because you will end up with a platform that is easier to tune. But then how fast do you want to go?

IS300 LS1/T56 Daily Driver Build by eng1nerd

An SC will do in 6. The things you need for a JZ swap are easy. You will need a set of IS cross members and possibly a sump from an IS depending on which engine you get. Then it depends what else you want to do. The 6speed fits behind the Altezza so that's self explanatory if you want a JZ what you need from an Altezza also, or if you want to leave it auto you can convert to the 5speed that sits behind the IS An IS loom should cover you for the loom that you need.

is300 ls swap

It is easier to stick with a VVT-i engine though if you want to keep your car feature complete. The multiplexed ECU is one of the issues with this.

Unless you've got a really good auto-electrician. You will lose cruise control, ect, snow mode. If you're going standalone and don't need to worry about these features it's no big deal using either motor though. But pretty much, yeah It's modern cars though where for the sake of convenience manufacturers want to put everything in one loom. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

is300 ls swap

Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic.Great write up on a well done build. Talk about covering the bases and attention to detail! The term "bolt-on" has become a ubiquitous term among car enthusiasts, and is something Matt Owen has literally no understanding of.

The Lexus IS as a whole is no stranger to the Modified Lifestyle, and there are numerous high-powered examples prowling the streets worldwide. That's all well and good if your only intention is having a badass grocery getter or track monster.

According to Matt, the answer is to engineer, fabricate and build a complete Chevrolet LS1 small block swap completely from scratch. One thousand-plus horsepower numbers are equally as easy to attain in the 2JZ family as they are in the LS family, but there is something to be said for a little originality. The T1 engine room was the perfect spot for Matt to assemble the heart of this IS TX2K14 was always motivation to keep Matt pushing long into the night for months on end to complete this monster.

A very nice set of Trick Flow heads sit ready for duty on the 5. You read that correct. Sixteen days before what is touted as the largest single street and drag racing event in the U. Not only did he complete the swap in time for the race, he also drove it there, beat the daylights out of it all week, and then drove it home. It was no easy task to fabricate the engine mounts, oil pan, headers and various other little tidbits in order to make the LS swap work, so Matt decided there may be others who would take on this swap if he sold the parts to make it a touch easier.

A set of eight Injector Dynamics ID's ensure tuning is a breeze, while guaranteeing this thirsty motor is taken care of at all times. With the motor ready for drop in, it doesn't take a car expert to realize there is something serious going on here. Matt has attended TX2K for nine years straight. He pulled the trigger on his third IS in order to finally build the dream car for his tenth trip to the madness that is TX2K.

Many enthusiasts would ask what else you could want in a four door sedan besides whp, a six-speed and rear-wheel drive? Matt's answer: A fully built aluminum, 5. Seeing the stunning wire harness offerings from Race Spec on a regular basis, Matt had them build a custom Mil-Spec engine and body harness. With a plan in mind, Matt got to work fabricating the turbo manifolds, swirl pot, catch can, intercooler and other crucial pieces.

Moving back through the powertrain, you see more of Matt's parts showcased. Take for example the lower control arms fabricated to work with the one-off Driveshaft Shop differential setup, complimented by a gorgeous carbon driveshaft. You could look the car over for an hour and continue to come across new components guaranteed to steal your breath. The only option for a driveshaft in this build was a high quality custom carbon fiber one, and the boys over at Driveshaft Shop had just what Matt was looking for.

With as much attention given to the engine and drivetrain setup as there was, it would have been crazy to not put an equal amount into the suspension as well. Knowing that he would have to dial the suspension in perfectly to make quick passes down the track, Matt decided a set of high quality rebound and compression-adjustable shocks would be crucial, and a pair of AFCO rear coilovers and JIC front coilovers would provide a great range of adjustment. Matt was finally able to squeeze the engine into its new home.

Fender exit wastegate dumptubes promise to put on a good show when Matt lays into the two-step! The MoTeC C display adds seriously awesome race car look to the cluster, and is essential in Matt being able to monitor important data. The Lexus IS line benefits from a fairly attractive interior from the factory, so Matt was able to knock out the interior modifications relatively quickly.

The crowing jewel of the interior is the MoTeC C display that provides an impressive amount of data channels to monitor, F1-inspired shift lights and a crystal clear LCD screen.

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MoTeC has been the world leader in aftermarket electronic control units for years, and its newest M1 ECU is among the best ever created. The last thing that really stands out inside is the custom-made staging brake, which will provide Matt a great deal of control in holding the car at the line and taking stress off the drivetrain by preloading the rotating components.

With the car all buttoned up on the day before TX2K begins Matt could finally take a step back and admire his creation in all its glory. A well executed drag stance is arguably one of the most intimidating things in the racing world, and the Lexus has just that.That exhaust thump sure doesn't sound like any Lexus we've ever heard The Lexus IS has always been a highly-regarded car in the import community since its launch in America back in The small rear wheel drive sedan had incredible handling and nimbleness in factory form, however the as-delivered performance failed to impress us.

Even though Lexus has quelled this with the recent IS-F, the early models leave a lot to be desired today. Thanks to the easy and inexpensive availability of the LS series of engines, enthusiasts are now swapping the Gen-III and -IV mills into them without hesitation, and the latest example we have for you today is this IS that is now motivated by a 6. Starting with a solid foundation that is the iron block LQ4, Anthony fortified the Gen. A Brute Speed blower camshaft is responsible for that lumpy idle.

A Bosch fuel pump, 80 lb. Anthony used the factory LQ4 exhaust manifolds mounted backwards, of course to act as the turbo headers as a budget-friendly but effective solution. All of these performance mods operating at 6psi add up to a highly respectable RWHP. Here's Anthony's mill before and after the turbo install. Likes right at home in the Lexus engine bay, doesn't it? A Precision Industries stall converter helps launch the Lexus in the necessary rpm range. The Lexus after all of the mechanicals had been installed.

We probably would have drove it around like this, the impatient builders that we are With the rear wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson drag radials measuring 8. But what does this mean for traditional musclecar fans? We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We'll send you the most interesting LSX Magazine articles, news, car features, and videos every week. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.

About Us Sponsors Advertising. News All News New Products. Now all we wana see this thing tear down the I started build threads over on my. The more people I can ask questions along the way the better. So here goes. I have always liked the Lexus IS and when I saw the LS1 swap was not only possible but practical I decided that was the route I was going for my daily driver.

I picked up a IS with k on the car for a great price. After that I found a perfect donor car, Trans Am with K on the motor, lots of go fast goodies and a freshly built top end.

My goal is to have the swap done by the beginning of August. I'd like to keep all the creature comforts of the Lexus with more power! The only thing I should be losing is traction control. I've also got several other small parts on the way. I got the motor and trans out of the TA today. Wiring is the only part that has me nervous but I should be able to work through it.

I don't have any real progress updates today but I got a bunch of parts I bet the mail and UPS guy hate me. LS2 GTO oit pan, windage tray, pick up, and dipstick should get this notched and welded at work this week. I got these a while back from a buddy at work, they came on his CTS-V and he didn't like them I probably won't get much done this weekend since it's my wifes birthday.

I'll probably just get the motor cleaned up and the oil pan installed. So the first thing I did on the car today had nothing to do with the swap, oh well.

I ordered a Chrysler antenna the other day to replace mine which was worn out. While the motor was out for piece of mind I replaced the rear main seal. I pulled the clutch and flywheel, which are Monster but have seen much better days. I didn't get any pictures of it but I pulled the intake as well to clean up the top of the motor and I think I'm going to paint the intake while I have it out. My goal is to get the motor out of the Lexus and set the LS in next weekend. Hopefully I will have my motor mounts and headers by then While I was in the garage I took care of that ugly, dirty grey color on the intake.

Since I will be running a set of red Corvette covers I figure this should go well flat black. I also heard from Dedicated Matt today and my motor mounts were getting welded up so it is game on for this weekend. My wife is out of town and the garage is all mine, the motor is coming out of the Lexus, bay is getting cleaned and I will probably get started on chasing wires.I'm looking at pricing up a whole engine swap in an IS that i am going to be picking up soon.

Has anyone on here done it before and can give me advice or does anyone know how much it would cost to do? Or the other option is, i but one that is already been converted, but i wouldnt know where to even start looking! I've just done a swap but for a replacement 1G-FE unit with lower mileage, we managed to swap them over in 7 hours.

Keep us posted. Are you taking the engine from that Supra to put in it? Or are you gunna be greedy and have the Lexus and the Supra? If i get an aristo 2jz the sump is in the right place so the engine will go in fine, then its jus the the gearbox, and the tidying up thats going to be a pain.

Unfortunately theres not a lot of documented info on this swap mate, other than the costs can keep rising, so if you can get a set price for fitting it.

is300 ls swap

Also youll need to worry about the electrics, as there very complex in the IS. Ive got round quite a few with my conversion by changing things like the dash to a custom unit. Hi, I know this is an older post but have many people done this conversion successfully? I have my IS sport and this is exactly what I wanna do to it.

What are the costs and how much work and time is put into it? What is exactly needed then? Engine, box, loom, custom mounts? Custom prop? Do you run a piggy back ecu just for the engine? Something im thinking of doing in the future its mainly the electrics that confuses me.

I think i could quite easily get it in its getting it working thats the problem! You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Driveshaft and clutch is optional, but recommended to make this an easy bolt-in experience. If you add up the cost on all these parts, you will see that I am matching prices with big name speed shops like Summit and Jegs. Also I trim the bell to fit perfectly, I am not just drop shipping an item and taking my cut of profit like these big name stores.

I also include a wiring pigtail kit, and billet speed sensor block off. Oh, and did I mention I have actual product support as well? Try calling Summit and asking for help on your T56 Magnum swap! The stock tremec is rated at ft lbs of torque.

Just for comparison, the Getrag V is only rated around ft lbs in stock form. I built and tested this kit to be a direct replacement for the Getrag V We all know the V is a great transmission, but V parts have become impossible to find.

Rippin: The Twin Turbo LS-swapped IS300

Rather than risk breaking your transmission and not being able to repair it, I suggest swapping to this setup and put your V away for safe keeping.

These transmissions have great aftermarket support, aftermarket gearsets, and parts readily available for when you ruin a synchro or break a gear tooth. This is perfectly setup for a Lexus IS The shifter sits perfectly in the factory location. These are then built to your specs. Choose the power level you need. GR We take a brand new Magnum Trans and give it a 1st thru 4th carbon fiber blocker ring upgrade. This is basically a GR without the cryogenic treatment and rem polishing.

We do a 1st thru 4th carbon fiber blocker ring upgrade. Includes custom billet shift forks, bronze fork pads, and then we do a cryogenic treatment of the gearset, and then do a rem polishing of the gearset. You will need a 4. However, depending on your power levels it may not be able to hold the power. A carbon fiber driveshaft can lessen the abuse, and will absorb some of the harshness of the manual transmission. Pilot bearing 2JZ crank to T56 magnum also not included from Quicktime!Welcome to Driftmotion!

Our shop location is not open to the public for will-call until further notice, no exceptions. Aaron is available for tech questions extended hours via cell phone and text. The only info we can provide is what you see in your tracking info. Thank you so much for your support over the years, and your patience at this time. We will get through these difficult times, and we will always do our best for you! Please everyone stay safe out there!!! We only ship to your credit card billing address.

We can not ship international orders to domestic freight forwarders. Items that have the free shipping logo displayed will only qualify for shipping inside the US lower 48 states. All prices shown on our website are in US Dollars. Shop By Part Type. These are the newer JZX version of the R from Japan that has 3pc synchros, and the main shift rails inside have ball bearings for smoother operation.

With a little trimming around the shifter opening in the floor we have seen these installed into SX, IS, and many others. This transmission includes a 1JZ bell housing, which allows it to bolt up to any JZ engine. It also includes a fork support if you purchase the transmission with the 1jz bell housing.

Turbo LS Lexus IS300

It does NOT include a speedo gear. If you have a vehicle that doesn't need a mechanical or electrical speedo output, we can provide a freeze plug to block it off. Because of the weight, we can only ship these transmissions in the US lower 48 states with ground shipping. We offer a new billet adapter housing that replaces the whole tripod assembly and shifter retainer with a new billet adapter retainer and steel shifter arm, which allows installation into MK2 Supra, MK3 Supra, Cressida, IS, SX, plus other vehicles that need a short or long shifter extension.

If you select this option, we will replace the stock components with those new adapter items we make, and NOT include the original tripod shifter assembly in the box when we ship it.

We sell a short shifter for the MK3 Supra that will fit this new adapter retainer, but that is at an additional cost. The original tripod shift lever does NOT fit our billet retainer housing.

Related Items. Denso Narrowband o2 Sensor with 18mm x 1. Hydrofan Pressure Line 1JZ. Clutch Pressure Plate R Exhaust Nut 8mm x 1.


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